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What Is A Yoga Retreat? And How Can It Change Your Life?

What Is A Yoga Retreat? And How Can It Change Your Life?

What Is A Yoga Retreat? And How Can It Change Your Life? yoga retreat

The extremely fast pace of life in which we are immersed in today’s society, leads many of you to suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and other problems that affect you psychically and emotionally. We take part in activities and routines, and habits many times in “autopilot” which takes away a lot of energy leads to our mental and physical depletion.

Therefore, it is important to pause, stop, take a break from your routines, be aware of your habitual activities and all those things that drains our mental and physical energy and stress you to live a quality life with awareness and calm.

To achieve the above, it is great to visit and spend some time in a Yoga retreat.

What exactly is a Yoga retreat?
What Is A Yoga Retreat? And How Can It Change Your Life? yoga retreat

A Yoga retreat is a time and a place to find some peace and calm in your mind and body. It is a place to disconnect from the worldly noise, from work, from the demands, from the habits, to reconnect with yourself, and with your essence. Yoga is the guiding block that allows you to truely live the experience and that leads you to that state in which you can listen to each other and look inside your soul. Other related activities are also carried out that allow to extend the experience; meditation, hiking, adventure sports etc.

Majority of Yoga retreats usually take place in a natural and serene environment. The connection with nature is a return to the origins, is to remember and rediscover the things that bring you peace and tranquility in the deepest part of your soul and that are always there even if we forget it. Enjoy every day of the mountains, the countryside, the green, the song of the birds, brings you closer to being, relaxes you and makes you aware of what unites you with the universe.

Find yourself again with a Yoga retreat

At authentic Yoga retreats, everything is thought, organized, scheduled and carried out with great care and love for what is done and for people. Therefore, experts yogi’s who organize this type of experience are always available to the attendees to guide them, help them and resolve any questions that may arise. It really is a personal experience in which everyone one will achieve what is allowed.

Food is also an important tool for you to connect with your innerself and achieve a complete mindfullness. The food is usually vegan or vegetarian, so it not only takes care of your mind or emotions but also take care of yourself physically by eating well, nurturing yourself to obtain all the benefits of what you consume. In addition, the food is delicious and you can taste exquisite and sometime exotic dishes.

Let’s say that, we went from living “outward” to being a few days living “inwardly”.

Withdrawals can last from a weekend, to a bridge or even a complete vacation. Whatever your life allows you to retire.

There is no “model” yoga retreat, say, but in each yoga retreat a program is organized with some activities, a theme and in which objectives are pursued. It may vary depending on the time of year, the days we have, etc.

To many people the word “yoga retreat” sounds perhaps something odd or even sectarian. But we really retire for a while. So it is interesting that you free yourself from prejudices, old and learned concepts, and give yourself the opportunity to see, try, understand and experience a withdrawal of these characteristics. I’m sure your concept will change completely.

A yoga retreat is a very enriching experience. Nothing happens if you have never attended one before, or if you have never practiced Yoga, you can always do it for the first time. It is not necessary to be an experienced yogi or a great meditator to attend a yoga retreat, everyone can go who feels they need it or who wants to live it.

Yoga retreat brings peace in your life
What Is A Yoga Retreat? And How Can It Change Your Life? yoga retreat

A 3 week yoga retreat is a complete immersion of a few days in which you have a more intense and constant contact with Yoga, pranayamas (breathing techniques that help you reach a mental state of calm that favors meditation) and meditation. which allows you a greater deepening both in yoga and in the rest of the workshops and activities that are offered and that all of them are focused on growth, self-discovery, self-acceptance.

We feel more intensely the benefits of those activities that we are doing, since, unlike attending a class, in which when the hour ends, we return immediately to our routines, in the yoga retreat we continue with the experience 24 hours a day.

It is a time for and for you. Without worrying about anything other than our human development, in being and being.
It allows you to meet people with similar interests to ours with whom to share our concerns and curiosities.
We do something that makes you feel good. Can there be anything better than that?”

We stop to listen and this reveals extremely useful information about ourselves.
In the yoga retreats in Bali the food is very careful, balanced and healthy, and very rich and satisfying! During the days of retirement, we can collect food tips to incorporate into our day to day once we return to our normal life.

A Retreat Helps You Listen to Your Inner Voice
What Is A Yoga Retreat? And How Can It Change Your Life? yoga retreat

We spend the day trying to listen, to feel, tools that we all have and that we can use at any time to resolve a conflict or make a decision are shown.

We are in a safe and secure place where we can afford to be ourselves and free our emotions. No one judges, nor presses, nor demands …

In several days we carry out various activities and that allows you to approach different areas and discover, perhaps, a new space to explore.
A yoga retreat can be a turning point, a place and a time to gain strength, where to take momentum to take the necessary actions to improve our lives, to make those decisions that we need to undertake to be a little happier and more authentic.

It gives you calm, satisfaction for the fact that we have dedicated ourselves a few days, gives you knowledge and also gives you security.

During the yoga retreat Yoga is practiced every day, so it is a perfect time to feel the benefits of daily practice and encourage you to continue with it when we return.

During the yoga retreat we try to remain aware and awake. Aware of what we do, we say, what we eat … because this awareness, that look inside each one is a way of realizing, of revealing ourselves, and that “realizing” is the starting point of the transformation.

By decreasing the number of external stimuli, we are really living in the present moment, enjoying every moment without being aware of anything or anyone else. This living in the present gives you tranquility and real feeling of being where and how we should be. A wonderful feeling, no doubt.

Helps you focus on important stuff
What Is A Yoga Retreat? And How Can It Change Your Life? yoga retreat

A yoga retreat also allows a refocusing, understanding this as a unique opportunity to observe what we are focusing on and what ruminations or recurring thoughts we are experiencing to re-center that focus, perhaps, on other more relevant issues or objectives.

When we propose a Yoga retreat, we ask ourselves what we will find other than classes, meditations and lectures other than those offered in our usual practice room. Therefore, more and more Yoga retreats are offered with attached activities such as hiking, gastronomy, dance, etc. This is the new niche market of wellness tourism.

However, a Yoga retreat brings more than a practice outside of our usual routine: it changes our perception of the body, of the breath and its effect on you. We begin to perceive ourselves from another point of view and that is because our brain changes during the course of the yoga retreat. Recent studies have analyzed the brain of participants in Jesuit or Buddhist yoga retreats and in both cases, the levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that instills a sense of well-being, developed significantly.

In this age of technology, we need to validate with studies and articles what we feel or believe we perceive, and what generations of yogis have been proving for millennia that by practicing. And this need is because our way of living gives more entity to the personality with which we identify than to our being.

A yoga retreat is the space and time in which we allow ourselves to meet what we are, with what we could call the energy without qualifiers, without states, without changes. Therefore, withdrawing from the routine, even from the routine in practice, helps you to cover other dimensions within ourselves.

What Is A Yoga Retreat? And How Can It Change Your Life? yoga retreat

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