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sunmed CBD Oil for Cancer Patients

sunmed CBD Oil for Cancer Patients

In recent times, sunmed CBD oil has become an item of great interest owing to its immense health benefits using meditation.

sunmed CBD oil is an oil that is derived from the cannabis plant. However, it doesn’t contain THC, the substance that causes a high in marijuana. Therefore, CBD oil is safe for human consumption. In fact, it’s legal in the UK! and increasingly known in cancer patients and started to use within treatments at yoga retreats in Bali.

CBD stands for “cannabidiol”, a which is the main chemical substance found in sunmed CBD tincture. Our body has receptors for this cannabinoid, and the interaction of the cannabinoid with the receptors brings about many health benefits!

For example, there have been many positive reviews of CBD oil when given to cancer patients, this further increasing interest in the product.

Benefits of CBD for Cancer Patients

CBD oil has been used as a supplementary medicine in the treatment of cancer, owing to its numerous health benefits. Many people in the UK have been given CBD oil as a supplementary medicine in the treatment of cancer, and the reviews are far beyond good! Here are a few benefits of using CBD oil as a supplementary therapy for cancer patients:


It has been shown to reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.
Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting are so severe that it’s one of the top reasons that patients back out of the treatment! It’s different from the usual vomiting, and it’s pretty severe.

While some medicines have reduced the signs of vomiting, nausea is a harder symptom to control. However, CBD oil that contains a low dose of THC as well effectively controls this symptom in patients undergoing chemotherapy, making it a lot more tolerable for the patient! CBD oil with a low concentration of THC is often used for this purpose because it’s the THC that controls nausea.

Many patients in the UK have successfully undergone chemotherapy with CBD oil and the use of quantum energy healing used as a supplementary medicine to treat the vomiting and the reviews have been good so far!

It increases appetite

Due to the constant vomiting and nausea faced by patients of cancer as a result of chemotherapy, their appetite decreases and their bodies tend to get weaker. CBD oil has been shown to boost appetite in patients that have cancer, thus promoting the intake of nutritious food, which is required to improve the outcome of the treatment!

Sometimes, nausea and vomiting can make patients so weak that they don’t survive the treatment. However, by increasing their appetite, CBD oil ensures that the patients take in enough nutrients to make their bodies healthy and survive the treatment. It is also highly recommended that cancer patients look at the Panchakarma treatment of the ancient Ayurvedic medical science.

It reduces the symptoms of pain

In metastatic cancer, pain is a very common symptom that may occur in different parts of the body according to the type of cancer that the patient is suffering from.

Our body has a natural painkiller mechanism in it. When CBD is ingested, the cannabidiol in CBD acts on specific receptors, and these receptors directly boost the body’s built-in painkiller mechanism.

Moreover, CBD oil tincture also reduces pain indirectly in the body. It does so by controlling and regulating the inflammatory mediators of the body that cause inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the most common causes of pain in cancer patients, which is why CBD oil has proven to relieve the pain faced by cancer patients.

The treatment of cancer itself is also a pretty painful procedure. CBD oil helps control and regulate this pain as well, allowing patients to be more compliant towards the treatment. After all, the treatment of cancer is not an easy one and many patients drop out of the treatment midway because they just cannot take the suffering and pain induced by the treatment anymore. It becomes so severe that they prefer not getting treated and dying of cancer than getting cured.

Using sunmed CBD oil as a supplementary therapy on cancer patients has shown many positive reviews in the UK, as well as in many other countries!

Where can I get a prescription from?

To get CBD oil, you’ll need a prescription from a licensed oncologist or any other licensed health specialist near you. CBD oil is legal in the UK, so getting it will not be a problem as long as you have the prescription for it!

Adverse effects

The adverse effects of cannabinoids are not very common and they’re not severe either, as compared to their benefits. These effects include a lowering of blood pressure, increased heart rate, and problems in digestion.


Therefore, while CBD oil doesn’t directly cure or treat cancer, it significantly helps the treatment by making the patients more compliant toward the treatment and reducing the severity of the negative side effects of the treatment.

CBD oil reviews by cancer patients in the UK are mostly positive, with a lot of patients claiming that CBD helped decrease the severity of the nasty side effects of chemotherapy.


sunmed CBD Oil for Cancer Patients marijuana and transcendental meditation marijuana and the subconscious mind home-section-1 cannabis cancer treatments

sunmed CBD Oil for Cancer Patients marijuana and transcendental meditation marijuana and the subconscious mind home-section-1 cannabis cancer treatments

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