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Hatha Yoga for Your Mind, Body and Higher Consciousness

Hatha Yoga – a Complete Guide

Hatha yoga is your basic yoga regime consisting of all the physical postures including Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Power yoga. It is the most used practice in the best yoga retreats in the world, especially intensive yoga retreats in Bali. Let us explore this particular yogic practice in a more nuanced fashion. Read on and stay informed.

Hatha Yoga for Your Mind, Body and Higher Consciousness yoga for your mind and body Hatha Yoga

In fact, it has been categorically pointed out that most of the yogic forms may be grouped as Hatha yoga as their singles yoga retreats include physical postures (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Power Yoga) aligned to attain mental, physical and spiritual calm. So, the benefits of Hatha yoga practice are not really hard to find in yoga vacations. You might have come across innumerable articles elucidating the benefits of the ancient yogic practice (harmonizing your mind, body, and spirit). The benefits of practicing Hatha are the same.

Hatha Yoga for body, mind, and spirit

According to a few eminent gurus, Hatha cannot really be categorized simply as an exercise. It is rather more about understanding your body mechanism, weaving a certain ambiance around you and then practicing physical postures to rise to higher Nature. There definitely are different dimensions to be mastered here. However, the good news is you can actually go on to secure a fair idea about the asanas (i.e. getting them right) simply by watching someone do it. There will be a time when you will be able to comprehend your emotions in their truest sense just by observing your body postures when you are angry, happy, upset or depressed. For instance, when you’re depressed you will not really be sitting in the same posture as you would be doing if you are happy. The perfect connect between your body and mind becomes clearer as you observe your body behaving in different ways with different emotional experience.

Hatha Yoga for Your Mind, Body and Higher Consciousness yoga for your mind and body Hatha Yoga

Higher consciousness: A realm which cannot be attained in a day

Hatha, very simply, is your tryst with higher consciousness. While most people may believe that observing their body postures during different emotions is actually a waste of time, let us point out that actually, it is not so. It is, in fact, important for mental and spiritual growth and their eventual harmony. You cannot dismiss the fact that if your body is not ready for you to achieve anything higher in life, you will not be able to do it. An injured hand or a hurtful leg or a backache can serve as the possible impediment on your way to success. Trust us. You can address these issues by performing yoga on a regular basis. There are more than thousands of instances of people recuperating from their back pain with the help of yoga. The yogic practices make you more flexible – not only physically but mentally as well. What more? You can jolly well avoid surgical processes often recommended for body aches – if you are ready to commit yourself to the yogic practice on a daily basis.

When you are flexible you are ready to “listen” to anything geared towards instilling positivity in your life. You are, therefore, better prepared to aim for success. Enjoy affordable yoga retreats and prepare your body for entering intense meditation.

Hatha Yoga for Your Mind, Body and Higher Consciousness yoga for your mind and body Hatha Yoga

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