Best Yoga Retreats in the World for Singles


Yoga retreats for singles have been endorsed by many health practitioners as one of the best ways to improve total physical and mental health with its focus on enhancing strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. As humans, we are often guilty of breezing through life, never paying attention to the present. Yoga taps into the inner mind, awakening people to a new level of awareness and consciousness. The same thing happens when you travel; say, go on an intensive yoga retreat.  Going on vacations comes with a ton of health benefits.

Join us on this journey to the best relaxation affordable retreats spots and discover the best yoga retreats deals available to singles all over the world.

Paradis Plage Yoga (Morocco)

Arguably one of the best health retreats in the world for singles, the Paradis Plage Yoga lies in the private beaches of Morocco’s coast of Agadir. This yoga retreat gives a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean. You get to fall asleep to the sunset and wake to the sunrise. Not only do yoga classes take place in the beachfront pavilions, but you can also surf the big blue waves of the ocean. You can take up a fitness class and afterward, enjoy a spa treatment. This yoga spot is definitely one of the world’s health retreat specials.

Amatora Yoga (Thailand)

Home to many yoga retreats for singles, Thailand impresses most with the Amatora Yoga spot which is located in Cape Panwa in Phuket. In addition to being beautiful and reserved, this yoga retreat comes with great wellness consultations, yoga classes, and meditation sessions. Every learning session is tailored to the individual, which makes this yoga spot a fantastic 3-minute retreat. You may be tempted to return here if you do visit the yoga retreat.

Absolute Sanctuary Yoga (Thailand)

The Absolute Sanctuary Yoga is found on the Koh Samui, one of Asia’s most renowned tropical islands. This yoga retreat offers numerous yoga classes and meditation sessions. Singles will definitely enjoy this island’s yoga facilities as they are all tailor-made to the individual. If you desire, you could apply for private yoga sessions. It is almost impossible not to find a balance between your spiritual, mental and physical self on the Absolute Sanctuary. This health retreat special comes with enjoyable aromatherapy, Thai massages, hydrotherapy, and relaxing spas.

The Body Holiday Yoga & Pilates (St Lucia)

Always a dream destination for single travelers, this luxury retreat provides elevating experiences that will soothe both your mind and body. Here, you can combine private yoga Hatha classes with group yoga sessions. A lot of other fun activities that you can indulge in on the St Lucia retreat include water exercises like windsurfing, sailing classes; and terrestrial exercises such as Zumba, BoxFit, and Tennis. A singles’ dinner is hosted every evening for people to socialize and perhaps find partners.

Santani Yoga (Sri Lanka)

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The Santani Wellness Resort and Spa is a retreat found deep in the Southside of the Sri-Lankan jungle. The Santani retreat gest you closer to nature and allows you embark on virtual journeys of physical and mental rejuvenation. The Santani’s open structure and minimalistic design produce an air of peace and tranquillity. Its yoga sessions, group or private, evoke a physical and mental release of stress that comes from everyday life. The Santani’s health retreat is vested deep in holistic approaches which break down the importance of wellness. You could enroll in cooking classes which recommend diet plans for every guest. There are also private and group lessons on a healthy lifestyle which equips you for overall well-being.

Epic Sana Yoga (Portugal)

For singles looking to visit one of the best health retreats in the world, you can’t do better than the Epic Sana Yoga set in the Algarve coast of Portugal. This secluded beach yoga retreat is focused on building people’s inner peace and spiritual harmony through yoga. This retreat offers numerous yoga sessions, breathing workshops, meditation sessions, aromatherapy and massage treatments that’ll leave you coming back for more. You cannot possibly go to the Epic Sana Yoga and return the same. A feeling of renewed peace will definitely course through your body.

Shanti Som Yoga Retreat (Spain)

Located in the concealed Sierra de las Nieves in the sunny Andalucían region, the Shanti Som is a magnificent nature spot. In addition to its enjoyable warm climate, the Shanti Som Yoga Retreat basks in Eastern luxurious designs and art. It offers a complete yoga retreat experience for singles. Filled with ancient Buddha statues, wooden beams, and immense waterfalls, this nature spot is the best remedy for a stressed life. It provides instant peace of mind and tranquillity for people passionate in finding the right balance between their minds and body. The Shanti Som is a health retreat special that offers regular group yoga sessions and fitness classes to accommodate the needs of everyone. It also goes to lengths to establish opportunities for everyone at the retreat to connect with one another.

Jewel Paradise Cove Yoga (Jamaica)

This relaxation retreat definitely lives up to the title ‘Paradise’. The Jewel Paradise Cove is located on a secluded white sand beach. To top that, the cove is surrounded by the warm crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. The Jewel Paradise Cove is the perfect yoga retreat for singles looking to rejuvenate their minds and relieve stress. This yoga retreat is an adults-only holiday which provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It offers yoga and meditation sessions alongside many enjoyable intensive sports activities.

38 Degrees North (Ibiza)

Best Yoga Retreats in the World for Singles vacation retreats for singles spiritual retreats for singles retreats for singles home-section-1

This 38 Degrees North Yoga Retreat is founded on the sun-soaked isle of Ibiza. It is perfect for singles as it has very beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters. Famous for its exclusive group yoga classes, the retreat also offers hiking exercises for solo travelers. If you want, you can apply for private yoga sessions and then relax to a group meditation class. A yoga and health retreat special, 38 Degrees North provides fun activities like power ballet, kick-boxing and Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX).


These retreats are great spots for yoga lessons and relaxations. They are one of the best retreats in the world. You would be the better for it if you grabbed these premium yoga retreat deals. The world is stressful enough as it is. Take some time out to relax, and rejuvenate your mental and physical well-being.



Best Yoga Retreats in the World for Singles vacation retreats for singles spiritual retreats for singles retreats for singles home-section-1

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