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Amazing Insight Into Energy  Healing 

Amazing Insight Into Energy  Healing 

experts from the best yoga retreats in the world said that the usage of energy healing is widely numerous. Energy practitioners discovered ways to heal the mind and body that a conventional doctor has never been able to. via variaty of ways, including using crystals on areas  referred to as chakras many times with the help of using aromatherapy.

Amazing Insight Into Energy  Healing 

A chakra is a term commonly used in the yoga philosophy that refers to the spiritual energy that is present in everybody in different parts of the body.


As a Divine Being (which you are), it is important that you are connected to the Divine Flow of Light which is the loving energy of God/Goddess.

As a Divine Being manifested on Earth, it is also just as important that you are connected to the Divine Flow of Light from Earth’s Centre.

The connection between you and the Earth’s Centre is vital for a healthy, balanced life. It keeps you centred, and grounded in your body and in this world.

How You Become Ungrounded

These days amongst healers, it is commonly recognised that the physical body is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the system that houses our soul and our Self. Many layers of bodies and many chakras or portals running between the various aspects of the system as well as between the system and the rest of existence go in to creating a complex system that is our true ‘body’.

To be grounded, all parts of your system must be fully aligned and centred. The primary alignment points are the 9 chakra system including the 7 commonly known chakras as well as the soul chakra about 20cms above the crown of the head and the Earth chakra about 20-30cms below the feet. The Earth Chakra is our connection to the Earth’s Core of Light.

When ungrounded, your chakras are not properly aligned within the system and especially the soul and earth chakras are thrown out. What tends to happen is that the system, often driven by the soul, lifts up out of the physical body through the crown, throwing the system out of whack with the chakra points in the body.

Symptoms of being ungrounded include:

  • Feeling light-headed, even dizzy,
  • Vague or foggy
  • Disconnected from others and the world
  • Confused
  • Difficulty concentrating

Being grounded on the other hand, you feel:

  • Centred
  • Clear-minded
  • Focused
  • Energised
  • Connected to the world and people
  • Strong

It’s not just about feelings either, being ungrounded makes you more vulnerable to illness, psychic attack and less able to function well in the physical world and psychically.

There are a number of ways to ground yourself. I recommend working with them all for a while to see which ones work best for you.

Energy rebuild Grounding Method One:

Being in nature, even in the backyard or local park. It’s particularly great to garden and get around with bare feet. Sitting under a tree is wonderful. It’s all about reconnecting to the earth – for many people this is all that is needed to stay clear and grounded. Sadly for many people this experience is something new for them, and as creatures of nature (which we are) the healing experience of spending time in nature on a regular basis is unequalled by any other experience.

Grounding Method Two:

The simple worldly acts such as washing the dishes, eating something, having a cup of tea or drink of water can be very grounding particularly after meditating or healing work where you’ve flooded your system with more light than you are used to which can lift your energy system out of your body a little.

Grounding Method Three:

Visualisations are a wonderful and powerful method of grounding. If you prefer to ground yourself in nature, but are unable to, simply visualise yourself doing what you’d like to be doing (standing outside, bare feet on the grass etc) until you feel grounded and centred.

Making sure you are grounded on a daily basis is very important. When you have completed healing work (or other psychic work) it is important to ground yourself again as you have just pumped massive amounts of this beautiful energy through your system which lifts you up, and as you settle down, you may need some help settling properly (and quickly!).

Amazing Insight Into Energy  Healing  focus on yourself Crystal Healing


To talk about energy healing we also have to talk about crystal healing

This History of Crystal Healers

“Crystal healers had been determined in nearly every tradition in the course of history from the Indian tribes to the Egyptian people.”

Although the actual originator of the use of crystals as the physical and intellectual remedy is unknown, it has been established that this technique has been practiced for centuries and is still getting used nowadays all around the international Energy healing schools.

Even King Tut’s tomb turned into surrounded by way of jade amulets which might be thought to manual the soul after the loss of life.

The Chinese tradition nevertheless significantly accept as true with within the use of crystal healers, especially with the usage of jade and emerald that’s a concept to increase their memory and intelligence.

Crystal Energy Healing

In different cultures, crystal healers might use agate, lapis lazuli, all styles of amulets, amethyst and more to help with everything from illness to stress.

Amazing Insight Into Energy  Healing  focus on yourself Crystal Healing

  how to use Quartz Healing Crystals

It can assist with menstrual issues, complications, digestive troubles, remedy from pain, fatigue, reminiscence loss, awareness or even gaining knowledge of problems.

It has shown excellent outcomes with relationships, wealth building, and private self-success.

If you still think you  feel doubt about energy crystal healing within your deepest self  I recommend you to read our post 5 Top Reasons to Consider Healing Yourself With Energy Healing therapy

the body with the aid of balancing the thoughts with the spirit which in flip balances the body. It can increase creativity, enhance communication and even assist with the development of your spirituality. widely used in yoga retreats in Bali

It isn’t advocated

Amazing Insight Into Energy  Healing  focus on yourself Crystal Healing

What Crystal Healers Do

By the usage of the color of crystals that suit up with the coloration of the chakra, the crystals give off extraordinary recuperation vibrations for one-of-a-kind treatments.

Some of the most famous gemstones healers use is amber, selenite, rose lepidolite, and stability even though there are numerous to choose from. Each gives distinct restoration belongings.

Amazing Insight Into Energy  Healing  focus on yourself Crystal Healing

For example, amber enables the energy that facilitates with love and self-confidence while the selenite facilitates the unblock strength of someone’s better attention.

Crystal healers assist a person to heal themselves from within and it’s for an ability that everyone can learn.

During those crystal healers route workshops, a person can discover ways to use visualization techniques.

As well as rest techniques to help them cast off the terrible electricity from their bodies and balance the chakras






Amazing Insight Into Energy  Healing  focus on yourself Crystal Healing

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