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Reach altered states of consciousness using transcendental meditation

Reach altered states of consciousness using transcendental meditation

Here are 7 practical steps to help you rev up your transcendental meditation routine for meditation for beginners, working with you to help access even higher states of consciousness.

1. Prepare Your Space Before you Meditate

To access high states of consciousness in a transcendental meditation you need to know how to meditate and your environment plays a key factor. Creating a space conducive to Zen meditation is vital to help you stay focused and enhance your state of consciousness. Use pillows or blankets to create a warm and comfortable spot, ensuring you have an adequate backrest. in Bali, there are affordable yoga retreats with transcendental meditation that you can take a look, but going back to what we were talking about, Candles and incense create a delectable aroma that calms and soothes the space, along with soft, ambient lighting. If you have never meditated before, first check this video to know yoga philosophy and to know how to meditate for beginners.

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2. Become Comfortable with Silence

Music, sunmed CBD oil and guided transcendental meditations are great for enhancing your mental and spiritual states, but it is in silence that you can truly access the highest states of consciousness. A lot of us, however, are uneasy with silence, especially as our mind tends to drift and distract us in it. Becoming comfortable with silence is a vital step to meditating in higher states of consciousness- practice sitting quietly in mind, body, and spirit to redefine your relationship with it.

3. Find a Sustainable Posture

Teaching meditation, I have often noticed that the most common thing to throw a spanner in the works and break a student’s focus is their posture.

An incorrect posture can mean pins and needles in the legs or an aching back midway through even the most beautiful meditation this is why is important that at least try to practice Hatha yoga. Therefore before you begin, consider the length of your meditation and make sure your posture is not only in perfect order but appropriate for it. Long meditations lying down might end up putting you off to sleep!

4. Practice, Practice, Practice.

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Meditation, like all other disciplines, is mastered through practice. You might have the odd experience where you breakthrough into unchartered states of consciousness, but to be able to return here on will you need to be regular with your sessions. This helps you anchor the energy and stabilize your newly acquired state of consciousness. Even 20 minutes every day can take you a lot further than a marathon session every now and then.

5. Choose a Quiet and Open Time in Your Calendar

Meditate when you are least in demand. It could be first thing in the morning with aromatherapy, the last thing before you sleep or even during lunch at work; ensure you meditate when you are guaranteed a set period and space of quiet time for inner reflection. And don’t be afraid to experiment with your schedule- you might even end up with some unusual findings; many a person for instance actually swear by meditating deep into the night and so wake up around 3 to do so and then fall back asleep.

6. Explore Different Techniques

There are as definitely more techniques and ways of meditating than you can imagine- don’t get boxed in by one. Explore the vast landscape of ideas, methods, and philosophies on offer like crystal energy healing – you can always settle on one best suited to you, your temperament and lifestyle, but don’t miss out on the adventure and wisdom afforded by it. You never know when you will find your meditation pose.

7. Trust and Follow Your Intuition

The thumb rule for any and all spiritual undertakings is simple- trust and follow your intuition. It might take you down a harder route or into more complex landscapes, but the lessons learned are the ones your soul needs to assimilate. Whether in choosing a meditation technique or setting up a routine, in sifting through the philosophies and ideas on offer or negotiating your way through the challenges these bring- trust your intuition and follow it.


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