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5 of the best Yoga Retreats in Bali 2019

5 of the best Yoga Retreats in Bali 2019

The 5 best luxury yoga retreats in bali

the best Yoga Retreats in Bali are in Indonesia,  country rich in culture and has become an increasingly popular destination for wandering-travelers as well as sole-seekers wanting to enjoy the serenity of this country.

Bali offers some of the best yoga and meditation retreats that are hidden away from reality, making it the perfect destination for either a short break from reality or a long-needed escape. 

With the abundance of affordable bali yoga retreats, this article offers a look at our top 5 picks for yoga retreats in Bali for 2019. 

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Bagus Jati New Start for Health & one of the best Yoga Retreats in bali, Ubud.


Located in Ubud in the heart of Bali, the yoga retreats for a single person aim to help you rejuvenate and give you the facilities and opportunity to start afresh through meditational exercises as well as offering you time to reflect on the past and realign your interests to the present.

This allows you to explore thoughts that you haven’t had time to divulge in during your busy work life.

This 3 week yoga retreat reviews offer all you need to help calm your mind while giving you a true sense of Indonesian culture to kickstart your health and relaxation journey that goes beyond just the 4 days spent at the resort.

Cooking lessons, jungle trekking, and daily yoga classes. These activities go beyond just meditation to allow you an enriched yet calm experience of Bali while enjoying this luxury retreat.

Exhale Yoga 14 Day Bali Wanderer & Islands Retreat, Canggu

The Chillhouse, situated in Canggu offers the essence of Bali while being removed from the tourist areas to allow a true exploration of the breath-taking island to bring you closer to nature to help you feel calmer from the surrounding serenity.

The tropical feel of this charming retreat provides you an enjoyable stay.

With yoga classes first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening, this yoga retreat allows you to fully experience relaxation throughout the duration of the trip.

Each of the 14 days brings unique opportunities to explore Bali as well as make the most of the resort’s facilities to focus on relaxing and restoring your energy.

This yoga retreat is a top pick for those wanting to incorporate exploration into their yoga holiday to allow a well-rounded experience of Bali.

Puri Bagus Lovina Yoga Retreat by the Beach, Singaraja andone of the most luxurious retreats in bali

Lovina beach in Singaraja offers the ideal destination to enjoy the seclusion of this serene and relaxing environment that is ideal for your yoga practices to take a break from reality.

This 4-day yoga retreat offers you the opportunity to experience northern Bali while practicing yoga as well as the chance to explore the quiet coastlines of this area of Indonesia.

5 of the best Yoga Retreats in Bali 2019 ubud bali retreat ubud Luxury travel in India luxury retreats in bali 2019 home-section-1 best yoga retreats bali best yoga retreat in bali

You can enjoy Bali in a way that you would have before its popularity with tourists- calm and quiet. You will gain a true appreciation of the beauty of Bali.

The package that Yovoda offer includes a traditional Balinese massage as well as healthy and fresh produce throughout your stay to enrich your experience.

The villas on offer bring a luxury feel to your 7-day yoga retreat to allow some much-needed R&R, making this a top tip pick for a yoga retreat this year.

Svaraga Loka Resort Couples Connect Getaway, Ubud.

Yoga retreats are not just designed to be enjoyed as a solo traveler, but the luxury retreats can be beneficial for couples and can even serve as a good honeymoon alternative after a stressful time of wedding planning.

These couples connect getaway is perfect for romantic couples but also works to bring you closer to a family member; maybe a mum or sister.

With spa therapies, cooking classes and meditation and mindfulness classes on offer, it will allow you time to reconnect with yourself as well as your loved one in a calming setting.

With natural furnishings and sat along the river bank, it is the perfect location to meditate and relax daily in the luxury setting.


Blue Karma Resort and Villa Sound Healing, Meditation & Yoga Retreat, Ubud

This offering allows you to fully indulge in the luxury facilities to have rich and beneficial experience at this yoga retreat. The suites bring breath-taking views of the scenery to allow you to feel at peace from just being close to the surroundings.

This yoga retreat offers high-quality meditation rituals including sound healing to allow you to feel completely at peace and rejuvenated while all this luxury yoga retreat.

At the Blue Karma Resort, they offer refreshing morning works through the nearby jungle along with complimentary classes and full access to the facilities to allow you a real luxury experience and escape from your hectic life.

With the oversaturation of yoga retreats in Bali, this article offers you 5 of the best yoga retreats in Bali that you should consider when booking your holiday this year.

With the retreats offering different luxury packages, there is something for everyone to allow a holiday that will be remembered for offering a positive and healing experience. if you want to take a look at other articles you might be interested in don’t hesitate to visit our Blog

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5 of the best Yoga Retreats in Bali 2019 ubud bali retreat ubud Luxury travel in India luxury retreats in bali 2019 home-section-1 best yoga retreats bali best yoga retreat in bali

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